Thursday, June 5, 2014

charleys work of nature

          Andy Goldsworthy is a very creative artist who works with nature, using the materials around him to create nature art. He has inspired our seventh grade art classes to follow in his footsteps and create our own pieces of nature art. For me, I used many materials in this process. For example, I used rocks, sticks, and weeds. These were located on large fields, and for the weeds, I threaded them into a fence. Along the way, I had heavier rocks that were difficult to form the shapes that I wanted. So, I found lighter, smaller rocks that were easily put into the shape that I wanted. 
          The process mostly turned out how I expected it to, but I was not able to complete my project where I spelled my name out in rocks. During this project and process, I learned that the nature around you should always be appreciated, and that you can utilize it for interesting things like art. If I had another opportunity to do this project, something I would do differently would be to create pieces of nature art in the area around my home. This is my artist statement, please enjoy the rest of my blog.  
This is an Image of the start of my art project, as I planned to show  my name "Charley" in all rock. The project took place at Monument Mountain Regional High School, in Great Barrington Mass at there garden.
   I stared me name project by creating a  "C" out of rock on a grassy area
Next I created an "H" out of rock right next to the rock "C" this created both C&H together.
Then I created an "A" out of rock which finished about half of my name C,H,A this took place on are second day at the high school garden.
This was the last day at the high school as I completed letter "L" I did not complete my name but the process was still worth my time and I enjoyed making my name in rock.
This was the start to my project creating a smiley face out of sticks I started  by making the out line of the face.
next I created the eyes of my stick smiley face.
Then I added a smiley face to concluded my stick smiley face project

My first project was adding weeds to a fence to create a piece of nature art.
I added more weeds to concluded my weeded fence art.